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Why Choose Harmony Chargers?

Harmony Direct is available in four configurations:

Perfect DC EV chargers for in-city, highways or heavy duty fleets. 

Transform your electric vehicle charging experience with these compact and versatile EV chargers

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  • Operable in extreme high temperatures without power derating
  • Intuitive user experience and multiple authentication methods
  • Cable management retractor and integrated area lighting
  • Easy transportation and installation
  • Scalable charging power in 30kW or 40 kW increments
  • Customizable corporate branding
  • Stainless Steel structure option
  • 10″ capacitive touch screen user interface
  • Dedicated energy meters for each output (EN 50470 compliant option)
  • IP54 rated water resistant
  • Smooth payment and authentication


Comprehensive extended warranty and service plans provide complete peace of mind.


Plug in right as you get home. Start charging immediately, or schedule for later.


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