Power Up, Take Charge with Exicom Spin Air

Compact, Stylish, and Efficient Take full control of your charging experience with Spin Air, the sleek and smart home EV charger designed for the modern lifestyle. Spin Air provides unmatched convenience and performance for charging your electric vehicle right at home.

Why Choose Exicom Spin Air?

Convenience Redefined: Compact and stylish, Spin Air offers 7.4 kW to 22 kW charging power, ensuring optimal performance for your electric vehicle.

Advanced Features: Enjoy advanced charge scheduling, dynamic load management, and integrated ground fault protection for peace of mind.

Control at Your Fingertips: Manage your charging sessions remotely with the Spin Control mobile app and seamlessly integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Built to Last: With an IP65 water-resistant rating and fully operable up to 55°C, Spin Air is designed to withstand any weather condition.

We’ve Got You Covered: Experience our one-stop EV charging solution, complete with top-tier customer support and expert technicians.

Switch to Exicom Spin Air today and experience the future of residential EV charging.

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